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One of the advantages we can provide for you when it comes to ordering your nails is the option to select the ideal nail size for you. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing false nails that don’t fit anymore!

So, if you’re wondering, “What size nails do I need?” There’s an easy solution. Don’t stress!

Take a look at the image above to see how to do it. Take a look at the image below to learn how to measure your nails’ breadth at their broadest point. If you don’t have access to a soft measuring tape, follow these steps.:

1: Easy Measurements Using Tape

Place a piece of tape on your natural nails and mark the widest points of the nail edges. Measure between the marks with a ruler to determine your nail widths. Place the tape vertically and mark the lowest and highest points of your nails to measure lengths.

MEASUREMENTS: It’s critical to measure from the nail to your thumb (Sidewalls) using a string or ruler. Please take careful note of both hands’ measurements. One hand might be larger than the other on rare occasions.

Make a note of the number, and continue with the rest of your nails. Please remember to write down your measurements in millimeters!

Match the measurements on the nailing size chart below with those under the nails after you’ve taken them. For example, a size 3 nail is 14mm wide.

A tape measure is more accurate than tape. A flat style won’t aid matters! Your “C-Curve,” or natural nail fold, must be completely covered by the measurements.

Both hands usually have the same-sized nails, so you can pick from one of our preset sizes. however, if your nails do not correspond to any of these, don’t worry!

2: Fabric Measure Tape

This technique is ideal for individuals who have a cloth measuring tape. The most common type of body measurement used by a seamstress is the fabric measuring tape, which wraps around readily.

The measuring tape measures in centimeters. You’ll be utilizing the centimeter side of the measuring tape for this task. You may now do everything you did with the transparent tape using the measuring tape. This approach is considerably quicker than other methods.

Simply count the lines from one side of your nail to the other, and you’ll have the millimeter measurement that corresponds to the nail chart. 

3: Nail Size Chart

The best way to get your precise measurement with the press-on nails is to purchase a sample sizing kit. All ten size options for press-on nails are included in the sampling kits. You can just lay each press-on nail on each of your nails until you discover the one that suits you the best using this approach.

When you’ve completed sanding, apply two to three drops of nail polish remover to the wet nails. Allow it to sit for a few seconds before wiping off any excess liquid with a tissue or clean cloth. This should reveal some discoloration if your hands are sun-damaged.

If the settings you’re using are the same as one of the options above, simply pick Xs, S, M, L, or XL from the size drop-down menu when ordering your set. 

Nail It To Perfection!

If any of our sets’ nails don’t quite fit yours perfectly, try picking a nail one size bigger and filing it down to your size. ​”You can always take off more,” says our basic rule on reshaping, “but you can’t reverse!” Please keep this in mind when removing any extra material!

You may attempt to make a quick recovery for yellow nails! You may also re-shine them with a fiber cloth or apply a fresh coat of regular clear topcoat nail lacquer for a more polished look.

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