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Are you looking for the finest nail salon franchise in the United Kingdom to start your own company? Consider this collection of brands, which are presently operating and expanding in the market.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top nail salons in the United Kingdom where you may get a next-level manicure that’s office-appropriate yet still fashionable.

1: Lash Perfect Beauty Bar

This is a beauty store based in the South East of England that sells eyelashes, brows, and nails. The franchise enables both novice and experienced beauty experts to establish a location and work for an established and reputable beauty business.

2: Shian Nails

The newbie on the block, located in London, opened its doors in 2021. It has a one-of-a-kind salon experience. These velvet bucket chairs are ideal for seeking out elegant nail art in a peaceful environment.

The owner discovered her talent for making attractive nails while trapped and has now channeled all of her nail expertise into this business, so you know you’ll be receiving the greatest care.

3: Townhouse in Harrods

Is the most opulent nail experience imaginable? Whether you choose the Harrods-exclusive ‘The Manicure’ (which features Chantecaille treatments and massage) or go all out with gel extensions, you can rest assured that you’ll be in excellent hands at London Townhouse’s brand new home. Did we mention the inside?

4: NUKA Nails

The most popular nail art in London. We just can’t believe how much detail and inventiveness goes into these compositions. If you consider it, the NUKA Nail girls can probably paint it.

If you want your nails to stand out from the competition, go to West London and have them transformed into a masterpiece through reinvention.

5: Simply Urban

From the comfort of Old Blighty, enjoy a laid-back tropical atmosphere. Relax in the sapphire blue and green-hued nail lounge and pamper yourself with a mani-pedi before moving on to one of the other two floors for a spa package.

This is all in Brighton and only five minutes from the beach!

6: Un/Basic

When it comes to your nails, this is the ideal green experience. This ultra-cool and soothing area is punctuated with plants and thoughtful additions, giving it the appearance of having been pulled straight from our Pinterest inspiration boards.

Only vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free polishes are used on the nails, with no compromise in quality.

7: The Ned

A spectacularly over-the-top affair, the Ned’s Ultimate Cowshed Manicure features green leather recliners and jazz flowing softly from the speakers in the club’s luxurious salon. This isn’t your typical clip, file, and polish.

First, there’s a cuticle cream soak; then comes a peppermint and sage salt scrub for the hands; hot towel wraps to open the pores; a primrose hand mask; and, finally, before we consider the base coat, an amazing stress-relieving head, shoulder, and hand massage.

8: Linnaean

Linnaean London is a hotspot in central London, with a café, hair salon, medi spa, apothecary, and nail bar spread across multiple floors. Linnaeus might just be the city’s newest lifestyle haven, depending on your perspective.

The room is as beautiful as it appears, with a whimsical color palette (including dusky pinks and moss greens) and romantic floral installations. It was created by Martin Brudnizki, the man behind Annabel’s’ interiors, and it is just as lovely as you’d expect.

9: Jennifer Rose

When you want it all. This Manchester hair salon not only offers a wide selection of nail treatments (including some really adorable nail art), but you can also get your brows and lashes done in the same trip, all while drinking Prosecco.

10: Nails and Brows

Look no farther than Nails & Brows Mayfair’s light-filled, jovially staffed salon and its signature manicure for the smoothest of hands.

After a superficial cleaning and tidying, hands are scrubbed and moisturized with Margaret Dabbs products before the main event: the application of hot paraffin wax.

After 10 minutes, each hand is immersed in a bag of liquid wax and mittened. During the wait time, you may receive a relaxing back massage, after which your hands are unbound – smoother than smooth and very moisturized – and polish is applied to the nails with great accuracy.

The outcome is wonderfully smooth hands, gorgeous nails, and a sense of deep relaxation.

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